Silver Casting

Cast Brass and Bronze Fencing Sword parts

Newly machined parts benefit from the Vapor Blast finish.  Minute burrs and machine marks disappear.

Vapor Blast blends in welds with base metal.  Weld discoloration or staining is removed

The peening effect improves surface tensile strength by cold working the metal

Thin, fragile parts can be cleaned without damage or deforming

Metal Forming or Fabrication

Machined Parts, Welded Parts, Antiques or Artifacts

Motorcycle/Auto Restoration

When restoring or repairing old motorcycle or autos, one of the least popular processes is cleaning, degreasing, decarbonizing and removing oxidation and grime from parts.  Typical methods involve using solvents or petroleum products and lots of elbow grease.  These methods are time consuming and laborious, with results that are not always successful.

Cycle and Auto parts that benefit from  Vapor Blasting include; Aluminum engine cases, cylinder heads, cylinders, pistons, fork sliders, triple trees, wheel hubs, brake plates, brake shoes, intake manifolds, super chargers, carburetors and more...

Vapor Blasting carburetors is a great way to restore appearance and function to a carburetor that has had bad gas sitting in it for many years, resulting in varnish deposits and crud clogging jets and passageways. Finish is restored to "Like New".

Vapor Blast Solutions can not only perform this unpopular task, but provide much better results than you can achieve with a blast cabinet or bucket of gas and wire brush.

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Vapor Blasting