Wire brushes, glass beads, nasty chemical dips, ultrasonic, baking soda or walnut shells won't give these results

Carb FAQ

What is the cost to Vapor Blast my Carb ?

A typical fully assembled carb is around $35-$40, discount for multiple carbs or if you provide just the carb bodies/tops/float bowlsContact us for a quote

Do you disassemble the carbs for Vapor Blast ?

Yes, all of the individual components( i.e, jets, slides, needle valve, adjustment screws, etc.)  are removed and vapor blasted, then re-assembled.

Can you rebuild the carb, in addition to vapor blasting it, replacing gaskets, O-Rings, jets, floats, needle valves and seats ?

Yes, we can. You can supply the new replacement parts or we can source them.

Tell us what you have and what you want done and a quote will be provided.

Typical turn around is 1 or 2 days, once all replacement parts are sourced.

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Carburetors are one of the most complex, abused and neglected component of a cycle or automobile.

Typically a vehicle is abandoned for one reason or another for long periods of time, with gasoline sitting in the carbs.  Over time the gas dries up and leaves a hard varnish like coating inside the carb, this seals up the minute passageways in the jets and orficies. Water sitting  in carbs over long periods of time will oxidize, corrode and pit the carb body, usually made of a Zinc alloy (pot metal), Vapor Blast will remove the corrosion products, but the pitting will now be evident.

Traditionally the only way to clean these components was to soak them in nasty chemical dips or solvents.

These method may clean the varnish out, but does little towards restoring the original finish. 

Many carbs suffer from extreme oxidation from years of exposure to the outside elements.  Soda blasting, Chem dips and wire brushes don't come close to restoring the finish like Vapor Blasting does.

Ultrasonic treatment is performed to worst case carbs to assist with breaking down internal hardened deposits.

We clean the inside and out of your carbs, passage ways are flow tested to verify no blockages exist.


If you are glass bead blasting your carbs, be aware that you might be eroding the soft pot metal or embedding abrasive particles .

Here are several examples of the type of finish you can receive: