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Want to know more about Vapor Blasting?

Vapor Blast Service

Metal part restoration and finishing is our specialized business

Vapor Blasting is also known as Wet Blasting or Aqua Blasting.

It is a non-aggressive process which only removes the dirt, corrosion and contaminates and does not erode or damage the surface material.

Vapor Blasting Applications

  • Vintage - Classic Motorcycles or Auto Restoration

  • Machine Parts Finishing and Deburring

  • Part cleaning for bonding, plating or welding

Vapor Blasting Advantages

  • Gently removes dirt, rust, grime, oxidation without damaging base metal

  • Provides a smooth, clean, non- porous finish

  • Does not embed or leave behind destructive abrasive particles

          Greeves MX-1

    VAPOR BLAST SERVICE                             " The Best Solution for Metal Pollution"

     I will not be accepting parts for Vapor Blasting

    My current work schedule has limited my ability to continue with this service.

    I greatly appreciate the business I have received in the past from my loyal customers.

    I am keeping this website active to help educate restorers on the advantages of vapor blasting.

    Call me if you have any questions

    thank you,

    Dan Vitaletti    (505) 946-7097